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A&M Lofts Ltd, Tucowna House, Baas Hill Close, Broxbourne, Herts, EN10 7EU - tel 0800 9171029 / 01992 444 500
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Week 1

Insert steel fabrication beams into party walls.

Fit new timber floor joists from beam to beam.

  Week 2

Construction of the dormer now takes place.

  Week 3

Loft area is insulated and the rooms are plaster boarded.


Week 4   Week 5   Week 6
Week 4

Stairs sre fitted and the bathroom starts to take shape.

  Week 5

The skirting boards, architrave and doors are fitted.

  Week 6

All electrical and plumbing work tested and finished.

Your conversion is now complete.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know that you are the right person to do the job?

We have done many hundreds of jobs since starting business in 1984. We have numerous clients who would be willing to recommend us. Most of the work we get is through recommendation. We have occasionally worked twice for the same client when they have moved house and need a loft conversion in their new property!

Do you deal with all the planning issues and building regulations?

Yes, we do everything from structural drawings to building regulations and planning issues.

How much disruption will there be to my house?

Minimal disruption, we work from ladders and scaffolding until week 5 when the new staircase is fitted. We clean up after each working day and there is very little disruption at all.

Will the new staircase match the existing one?

Yes, everything is turned to match the existing staircase.

Do you do the decorating once the building work is finished?

No, we leave a plaster finish ready for decorating. We can arrange for the decorating to be done.

Do you do the bathroom tiling?

Yes, we can arrange all this with a tiling expert

How long will building work take?

Six weeks for a standard loft conversion.

If the weather is bad and it rains will the house be damaged?

It is not a problem if there is bad weather because we do not remove the roof until there is sufficient cover in place.

Would you be able to carry out extra work?

Yes, we often build fitted wardrobes, shelving and cupboards. Also occasionally change boilers and up grade central heating systems. We have also re-furbished whole houses in conjunction with the loft conversion.

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How it Works

6 week construction stages (place pointer on image) / FAQs